Vadim: Control Excerpt 3

Excerpt 3

Note: The following copyrighted preview is unedited and subject to change.

“In my world, you learn quickly that it’s better to be on your guard,” he muses. His words nuzzle the nape of my neck and he’s even closer. “People seek out others only to gain something they want. I’m just prudent enough to ensure that more often than not, I get my desired win first. Consider that my version of a list. The first rule is to always anticipate the selfishness of others. The second someone believes they have what you seek, they own you.” 

It sounds so cutthroat. So darkly sexy. 

“I didn’t want anything from you,” I point out, draining my glass. “I mean I did, but mainly I wanted to do thingsto you. Sexy things. You wouldn’t let me.” 

A low hum resonates through his chest and I suck in a breath, nearly dropping my empty glass. 

“Will you let me do them now, I wonder?” With a mischievous grin, I slink around, grinding my body into his, relishing the stern, impassive reaction. His obvious restraint makes it so much better than I figure Geoff’s lust would be. Lust is boring. But Vadim? He’s unpredictable, proven to snap once pushed to his breaking point. 

So I push, bracing my hand on his chest to urge him back, back, back until he has to sit on the edge of the bed, staring up at me with a questioning gaze. 

“I wanted so badly to suck you off,” I announce, licking the rim of my glass for emphasis. From the corner of my eye I watch him tense, his nostrils flaring, eyes narrowing. Holy crap. My inner thighs clench and I fight to ignore the reaction. “I wanted to take you deep,” I add, intrigued as his breaths quicken in response. “So deep. I wanted to practice all the new skills I’ve read about. It wouldn’t have been perfect, but I’m sure it would have been good.” I’m still violating my wine glass shamelessly. I lick all the way around the rim and then swirl my tongue through the opening while holding his gaze. “Your size is impressive, but I’m sure I could have deepthroated you.” 

He sits forward, flattening his hands over his knees, his legs parted ominously. “Kneel.” 

A thrill of excitement runs through me so quickly I almost fan myself. I turn my back to him as I consider complying or crawling into bed and waiting for my hangover to kick in. All it takes is one look at him in the reflection on the window for me to bend—slowly—and set my glass on the floor. 

When I stand and face him again, he’s still wearing the same hard, unreadable expression. But as I sidle over to him a muscle in his jaw quirks. 

“Kneel?” I parrot him innocently. “Like this?” Stopping short just beyond his reach, I sink gracefully to my knees, my head bowed. When I gather the nerve to peek at him, he’s unmoving, his eyes flashing. He’s too proud to even command me. 

But there’s a distinct bulge tenting the front of his slacks, too tempting to resist, my pride be damned. I crawl to him, licking my lips in anticipation. When I finally come close enough to reach for the fastenings of his pants he doesn’t shy away. 

Brother of the fiercest crime lord in Fair Haven, Vadim Gorgoshev has survived horrors most men couldn’t imagine in their nightmares—and he’s learned to thrive in the chaos. 

But the master of control meets his match when a fiery redhead crosses his path. 

Will the obsessive Vadim maintain the upper hand or will the reckless Tiffany turn his world upside down?

Control is the first book in a new trilogy in the Club XXX world. Vadim’s trilogy can be enjoyed without first reading Maxim’s trilogy or read as a continuation to Maxim’s series.