Vadim: Conquer Excerpt 2

Disclaimer: The following copyrighted info may contain spoilers.

The mattress shifts. Warmth engulfs me, drawing me into a body that conforms to mine, strong and welcoming. He holds me so tightly I couldn’t pull away, even if I wanted to. His voice bathes me in reassurance, so gentle that I relax instantly, my fear drained. He says something in French, too grated to decipher.

In this moment, I don’t need to. I don’t need anything from him but this. Silence. Nearness. Understanding.

I hide my face against his chest, seeking out any comfort in his embrace I can find. The real world can wait—because this conversation isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

But for now, he relents.

And I have a fraction of more time.

A desperate divorcee on the hunt for some no-strings kinky fun.

A brooding, sexy billionaire with a penchant for manipulation and mind games…

What could possibly go wrong?

Brother of the fiercest crime lord in Fair Haven, Vadim Gorgoshev has survived horrors most men couldn’t imagine in their nightmares—and he’s learned to thrive in the chaos. 

But the master of control meets his match when a fiery redhead crosses his path. 

Will the obsessive Vadim maintain the upper hand or will the reckless Tiffany turn his world upside down?

With Vadim’s control stretched to its breaking point, he aims to turn the tables by enacting Tiffany’s wildest fantasies—whether she wants him to or not. 

The harder she finds it to resist him, the more she becomes swept into his growing family, forced to reassess her previous boundaries. 

But when Vadim’s past comes back to haunt him, the chaos threatens to ignite their budding relationship… 

And destroy it for good.

When a ghost from Vadim’s past returns to haunt him, he resorts to his worst instincts—putting his relationship with Tiffany to the test. 

With no end to his paranoia in sight, Tiffany is forced to decide once and for all whether to conquer their shared demons together… 

Or protect her heart by walking away for good.

Vadim’s books are a new trilogy in the Club XXX world. Vadim’s trilogy can be enjoyed without first reading Maxim’s trilogy or read as a continuation to Maxim’s series.