The Painted Sin Duet Audio is LIVE!

The Painted Sin Duet is now in one Audio Box Set!

Book one: A Touch of Dark

When a cold, reclusive billionaire takes an interest in a tormented young heiress, she finds herself drawn to his intrigue. 

Could the tension building between them be entirely due to lust or the trappings of a greater scheme?

One driven solely by revenge?

Book two: Tastes like Sin

Is he a heartless monster?

The more Juliana is subjected to his charms, the deeper she falls under Damien’s spell. But the promise of protection and security may come at a higher price than she’s willing to pay.

Or, a reluctant player?

The reclusive billionaire has his own secrets, and his relationship with Juliana may threaten to send his precarious house of cards crashing down.

Will their bond survive the chaos?

Or, will they both be destroyed in the end?

Listen to the COMPLETED Duet.

Listen to a sample now!

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