Maxim: Submit Excerpt 1

Excerpt 1

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His eyes cut up to mine, narrowed, glowing. “You’re fucking weeping for me, kotyonok.” He raises his hand so that I can see his glistening fingers. 

With blood, I tell myself when my eyes don’t bother to focus. Nothing else.

Nothing else.

A ragged shudder racks my body, ripping the thought away. His fingers are back, running along my inner thigh, grazing my pussy, slipping inside. He groans. I gasp, struggling to look as he growls the command. But I can’t. My head is too heavy; he’s moving too slowly.

“You like this?”

I don’t. I can’t think. I—

“You like this.”

A nail grazes the sorest part of me and the reaction resonates like an electric shock. Muscles I didn’t even know I have cramp up and tense. My nerve endings explode. And there’s clarity. Brief. Harsh. It’s like a whisper of calm through the chaos of my mind.

I see him clearly for a split second. I smell him. Taste him, his breaths fanning the skin of my throat. A muscle in his jaw twitches. What feels like a thumb brushes me open, making way for a longer, thinner finger.

I say something. Something broken and forbidden that earns me a sharp pinch on my hip. The pain is almost worth it as the fire building in my blood gets a drip of gasoline to feed it.

“More?” Maxim wonders, his voice harsh, shattering against my skin like broken glass.

I didn’t ask for it. I know I didn’t. I couldn’t have.

He gives it to me anyway. His thumb rams in to join the first finger. Thick. Full. But not full enough.

“I would tear you apart with my cock tonight,” Maxim says as a watery, broken sound trickles out of my throat. He growls in response, swirling the pad of one of the searching fingers along my inner walls, making them shake. “So delicate you are.”

The pain is still there. Still screaming through my system. He’s right. He’d break me. Rip me apart. Tear me open.

“And yet the thought of it”—another searing thrust and brutal caress—“seems to make you even wetter.”

He laughs. It’s too loud. Insane. Each booming chuckle ricochets off the inside of my skull. I try to shake my head. I don’t want it. I’m not…

His fingers spread and I go silent. Limp. My body starts to rock with the force of each rough, bruising thrust. He won’t use his cock, but he’ll fuck me just as violently with his fingers. And somehow I feel more. Too much. He’s pinching, twisting, touching, taking, tasting.


I see lightning as the pain hits me all at once. It’s so sharp, it drowns me. Desolates me. This is all I am. All I know. Fucking and being fucked. Right into oblivion.

But it doesn’t last. He pulls the fire away just when I’m about to tip over the edge. Lose it all. When I finally blink my vision back, he isn’t laughing. A frown shapes his mouth as if it’d been chiseled there, beaten in with every sound I made.

“I’ve given you enough for tonight,” he tells me, sliding his fingers free, ripping away my only lifeline to sanity. 

My thoughts cloud over. Can’t think. I’m forbidden to move—but my hand jumps anyway, the fingers grasping at the air.

“You want more?” His voice… I’ve never heard it so thick. It’s like he’s breaking every word off of stone—hammering humanity out of the monster he really is. “Say it, then. You want more.” He snaps his fingers, shining, bloody. “Beg.”

I don’t want more. I shake my head, biting my lower lip.

He steps back, starts to turn.

I whimper. It’s the only sound I can make. Not words. I can’t say it.

“Do you want it?” He steps forward, bracing one knee on the cushions of the couch beside me. His fingers come to circle my throat, tilting my head back so that I’m forced to stare into those swirling black holes he has for eyes. “How badly do you want to come?” His fingers sweep down, catching a swollen, bitten nipple between them. “Do you need it?”

Fire licks through my veins, but it’s nowhere near strong enough. Harsh enough. I need more. 


When he bears down, I can’t hide the scream that rips from my throat. It’s too soft. Too damn close to a moan.

“Then fucking ask for it—”


His eyes disappear, narrowed into slits. The next second, he’s on his knees, his hands on my hips, dragging me forward. His mouth catches me.

And my body does the screaming for me. It explodes. Ignites. Blows up.

Kaboom! It’s a scramble to reassemble myself in the chaos. Nothing in the world compares to his tongue. It’s soft. Strong. Licking. Sucking. Breaking. Breaking. Breaking.

This time, I don’t get just a taste of clarity. I get a full fucking dose. My thoughts go so clear that, for the first time in my life, I don’t feel anything. No fear. No pressure. No stress. 

Just nothing

The relief is almost enough to soften the blow when I come crashing back down, face-to-face with Maxim. His lips are wet, his eyes glowing. I can’t move, even as his tongue flits out to graze my cheek. 

“What I wouldn’t give to fuck you right now.” His tone is a warning. A threat. “To teach you just what a mistake you’ve made. To make your body regret every ounce of pleasure you stole from me.”

He grinds his hips into me and I feel his erection, straining and heavy. Fear eats away at the pain. At the same time, it fans the flames higher.

“But not tonight.” He runs his wet fingers through my hair and then pulls away, rising to his feet. “Tonight, I will have mercy on you.”

In this dark mafia romance: she assumed he was just another client–but this vicious billionaire doesn’t just play the game. 
He makes the rules. 


Pain is the most potent drug and Frankie Marconi is addicted to the burning sting of it. Maxim Koslov, a deranged crime lord with a tormented past, is more than willing to deliver the dose she needs.  

But when lust becomes obsession, Frankie begins to realize that there is only one way out of this dangerous game of Russian Roulette…  

And Maxim never loses.