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♬ original sound – Nichalia Schwartz

Hannah is trying to break out of her emotionless shell, but meeting dangerous and compelling Rafe was more than she bargained for. As their paths keep crossing, their connection grows deeper… and she can’t help wondering if Rafe will be her savior — or her destruction.

He thought he could make my life hell. 

But it already was. 

The one time Hannah Dewitt tries to live a little, she winds up in the crosshairs of a local thug who seems hellbent on terrorizing her. As it turns out, there is more to Rafe than meets the eye, and their connection stokes her creativity like nothing else. Drawn to him despite the inherent risks, she can’t resist feeding the flames of this unlikely attraction no matter how hot they burn. 

But Rafe isn’t the only monster in her life. Another looms in the background, and he won’t let her go so easily.

Falling for a man like Rafe was just the beginning.

As danger looms overhead and her secrets are revealed, Hannah will have to trust him now more than ever.

But Rafe has his own past and, once uncovered, the truth may send her running for good…

Or the consequences will plunge her into a series of choices from which there is no turning back from.

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